3. They do not include Dr. Herman Grossman , a resident of Germany who had been named by Shoghi Effendi in the first contingent of Hands of the Cause in his message of 24 Dec.1951 and assigned to the European continent. This writer, then an Auxiliary Board Member appointed by the European Hands, worked under his supervision until I accepted the second Guardian. Although, to my surprise, Herman Grosman never recognized Mason Remey as the second Guardian, he had always urged in his meetings with the Auxiliary Board Members of Europe, prior to receipt of Mason Remey's Proclamation, to stress in their visits with the believers that they should not give up hope that the Guardianship would be re-established. I became aware, however, after his attendance at the Frankfurt ntercontinental Conference where he met with Rúhíyyih Khánum that he had been influenced or instructed by her to cease spreading this message. He was subsequently assigned to South America by the Hands.